For developers


This is a dedicated page for developers wanting to integrate data held in BioNet with applications they are developing using the BioNet Web Services. This site provides information and guidelines to help developers get started and work with the application programming interface (API).

Before you begin

To be able to help you get started and to issue you an application token, please download and complete the Data Use Case form and e-mail it to BioNet.

OEH Guides

Refer to the following guides for assistance in developing services.

Developer Guide (PDF 744KB)

Species Sightings Data Standard (PDF 898KB)

Vegetation Classification Data Standard (PDF 853KB)

NSW Landscapes Data Standard (PDF 535KB)


Other links to get you started

To help reduce the development effort required to integrate with the data, we chose an open Application Programming Interface standard (OData Version 4.0)

There are many existing online OData communities and resources for developers and we recommend you search the internet to see if there are existing resources for your development tools and platform. To help get you started, here are some useful links to core resources:

Documentation on the OData Standard

OData resources including software libraries and tools

Page last updated: 02 August 2016